Rockers on the move

If we could name this rock band, what it would be?

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Renoir Santos disse...

Lindo seu trabalhos.

Alina Chau disse...

love the style of this drawing!! V COOL illo before for IF too!

Tamsin Ainslie disse...

Love your drawing! - you're very inspiring.

ken disse...

Tudo Bong!!

I would call them 'The Lines' in homage to your great linework! really nice :D

Mauricio Telles disse...

A banda devia se chamar "The Fucking Bastards" ou algo do genero....!

beijuxxx moça!
lindo desenho!

NATCAT disse...

The Louie's
They look kinda french.
Really cool illustration!
<3 Im an addicted fan of yours!
I watch your blog everyday!