Top Hat / Cartola


Illustration Friday - Red


SPFW x My son's birthday / SPFW x aniversário do meu filho

Why, oh, why? Why São Paulo Fashion Week always takes place at my son's birthday week? Why? This is not fair!
Por que, Deus do céu, por que a São Paulo Fashion Week tem que acontecer sempre na semana de aniversário do meu filho? Isso não é justo!


Blond on the floor / Loura no chão

Wow... isn't it hard to find post's titles?
Putz... como é difícil arranjar títulos para os posts!


Tagged... again!

I was tagged by Geninne, my dear cyberfriend from Mexico. I must tell 6 weird things about me...here are the rules:
Each person who gets tagged needs to write a blog post of their own 6 weird things as well as clearly state this rule. After you state your 6 weird things, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you're tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog for information as to what it means.

Here are my six weird things:

1] I have short memory for numbers of any kind. No matter if it is a price, a year or a measure, I just don't memorize and I will probably say something costs one hundred and twenty when it is really one thousand and two hundred.

2] I never get lost in parking lots. I always remember exactly where I've parked my car, even if I am in a hurry at the arrival.

3] I can sleep 20 hours non-stop, wake up for a little while and then get back in bed and sleep for another 20. But I've never tested how many days I could go on with that.

4] I walk mostly in high heels, even when I am at home. My feet hurt if I use sneakers and I don't like to be barefoot.

5] When I am zapping channels with the remote control, I can identify and name a movie I've seen before in less than 5 seconds, sometimes just by hearing the dialogue.

6] Some years ago, the building I lived in survived a collapse caused by a storm in Petrópolis, Rio. I slept the whole time and acknowledged about the tragedy only when I went out for breakfast.

OK. That's too much weird-material for just one post.


My new cards / Meus novos cartões

It's been almost 3 years that I don't have new cards and stationary. I guess it is time for a change! And I am feelling bold: I am trying out this new "unfinished" style... I've got the drawings straight from my sketchbook without finalizing it with Illustrator or Photoshop.
It's raw, it's natural, it's a little wild... it's the new "me" for 2007!!!
And stay tunned for the new blog header.
Faz uns 3 anos que eu não crio novos cartões de visita. Já estava mais que na hora de mudar! E eu estou me sentindo ousada: estou testando este novo estilo inacabado. Tirei os desenhos direto do meu caderno de rascunhos, sem finalizar no Illustrator ou no Photoshop.
É cru, é natural, é um tanto ou quanto selvagem... é a minha nova "cara" para 2007.
E, em breve, estrearei novo cabeçalho aqui no blog... aguardem!


Illustration Friday - Super Hero

... and there was Clark, always waiting for his Super Hero moment.


Smoking Gun 4


My friend Jairo / Meu amigo Jairo

This is my dear friend Jairo, a multi-talented guy: he works as creative director at a promo/advertisement agency, is a nice guitar player and also a talented singer, not to mention his clever mind and ironic sense of humour that makes him the best pal to have a beer with and talk about nothing and all.
We've been friends forever (I never mention years because people would know how old I am...), but I can say that he has seen me brunette, blond, thin, fat, pregnant, happy, sad, drunk, crazy, pissed off... you name it! And the guy is still there! That's what I call a good friend. I think I'm lucky.

Este é meu querido amigo Jairo, um cara multi-talentoso: trabalha como diretor de criação numa agência de promoção e propaganda, é um p* guitarrista e também canta muuuuito, isso sem falar da cabeça boa e do senso de humor que faz com que ele seja "o cara" com quem tomar aquela cerveja e falar sobre qualquer coisa ou sobre nada.
Nós somos amigos há um tempão (eu não menciono anos para que não calculem a minha idade...), mas posso dizer que o cara já me viu de todo jeito: morena, loura, magra, gorda, grávida, feliz, triste, bêbada, maluca, p* da vida... E o cara ainda está lá! Isso é o que eu chamo de bom amigo. Acho que tenho sorte.


Oriental Sunday / Domingo Oriental

I hope we all have a nice week ahead.
Espero que todos nós tenhamos uma boa semana à frente.


Never there

Quando eu estava desenhando esta garota, uma música não saía da minha cabeça. Então fui no Google para achar a letra e o nome da banda, que é "Cake".
Veja o clipe no YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uar8kSh9Os

When I was drawing this girl, a music kept on playing in my head. So I googled to find the lyrics and the name of the band, which is "Cake".
See the clip on YouTube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uar8kSh9Os

I need your arms around me,
I need to feel your touch.
I need your understanding,
I need your love so much.

You tell me that you love me so,
You tell me that you care,
But when I need you, (Baby)
Baby (Your never there).

On the phone long, long distance,
Always through such strong resistance,
And first you say your to busy,
I wonder if you even miss me.

Never there,
You're never there,
You're never, ever, ever, ever there.


Cool oriental guy / Japinha legal

What a character!
Que figura!


I've missed my monday post! / Pulei o post de segunda!

So I am making a double one today!
Então estou fazendo um duplo hoje!


In the dark / No escuro

Have a nice weekend!
Bom final de semana!


The blonder, the better / Quanto mais loura, melhor.

Do men really prefer blondes?
Os homens realmente preferem a louras?


Ubatuba's drawings / Desenhos de Ubatuba

Drawn on the beach, while I got my back tanned.
Desenhado na praia enquanto eu bronzeava as costas.


Welcome to 2007 / Bem-vindos a 2007

Hello my dear cyberfriends! I've just got back from my Christmas & New Year's break and I am ready to start 2007, hoping that it will be a great year for everybody, everywhere.
Let's hope (and work) for the best, shall we?

Olá queridos cyberamigos! Acabei de voltar das minhas férias de fim de ano e estou pronta para começar 2007, com esperanças de que seja um ótimo ano para todos, onde quer que estejam.
Vamos torcer (e trabalhar) para que seja melhor, OK?