Anaïs and June

Inspired by the movie "Henry and June" and by some photo I've seen somewhere.
Inspirado pelo filme "Henry e June" e por uma foto que vi por aí.


Tragic eyes

I read once in a book by Ruy Castro that people with this kind of eyes attracts tragedy. I don't know if it is true or have been proved true, all I know is that people with eyes like that always look a little sad and far away from this world...

Eu li num livro do Ruy Castro que gente com esse tipo de olhos atrai tragédia. Não sei se é verdade ou se já foi comprovado, mas o que sei é que normalmente essas pessoas parecem tristes e distantes deste mundo.


Illustration Friday - Communication

This is not a brand new illo. I've posted a previous version here under the title "On the phone". I don't usually repeat posts, but I like this illo so much that I even made a businness card out of it, And, come on!, it is just perfect for this week's topic.
And here is the other illo that goes in the back along with address, phone number and all...


The damn carnival / Maldito carnaval

I don't like to travel at this time of the year and although I've stayed at home, I must confess I just can't work.
Everybody, I mean, the whole country is put on hold for almost a week! Everybody says that the year really starts after carnival... So, I see you on thrusday!
"Ziriguidum" for all!

Eu não gosto de viajar nesta época do ano e apesar de ter ficado em casa, devo confessar que não consigo trabalhar.
Todo mundo, quero dizer, o país inteiro pára por quase uma semana! Todos dizem que o ano só começa mesmo depois do carnaval, então eu vejo vocês na quinta!
Ziriguidum pra todos.


SP Fashion Week


Pink hair / Cabelo rosa

One more of the series made in hospital.
Mais um da série feita no hospital.


Valentine's Day

I don't know which day celebrates Valentine's Day in US, but I do know it is February (here in Brazil is 6/12...), so here is my version for a Happy Valentine's Day for all gays, no matter where they live.

Eu não sei em que dia comemora-se o Dia dos Namorados nos Estados Unidos, só sei que é em fevereiro (já aqui no Brasil é 12 de junho...), então aqui vai a minha versão para um feliz Dia dos Namorados para todos os gays, independente da nacionalidade.


Did you miss me?

Guess where I was this past week?
New York? No!
Paris? Noooo!
Bali? Nope!
I was vacationing at a hospital! How fun is that, huh? ;-p
Well, at least I got the time to draw as you can see on the photo montage above. And I walked a lot too (on the corridors, of course), and took pictures from the windows. But my days at that "lovely spa" are now over (at least I hope!) and I am back home. Still not at full capacity, I must say, but soon I will be 100%. (By the way, it was nothing that much serious, thank God!)
So, I thank everybody who commented on my last post for Illustration Friday and apologize for not being able to return all the kindness by visiting their blogs too. Hopefully, tomorow I'll pay you a visit.
P.S.: Isn't my Betty Boop bag gorgeous? And you can also see that I am an old fashioned lady, for I am not that much into I-Pods, yet.


Illustration Friday - Sprout

I didn't know what was it, so I had to look up at the dictionary. And you know what? I was quite surprised! The sound of it made me though it meant something harsh, ugly and eventually I've learned that the real meaning is beautiful and delicate...
Language is such a tricky matter, don't you think?
By the way, "sprout" in Portuguese means "broto"(noum) or "brotar"(verb).