Did you miss me?

Guess where I was this past week?
New York? No!
Paris? Noooo!
Bali? Nope!
I was vacationing at a hospital! How fun is that, huh? ;-p
Well, at least I got the time to draw as you can see on the photo montage above. And I walked a lot too (on the corridors, of course), and took pictures from the windows. But my days at that "lovely spa" are now over (at least I hope!) and I am back home. Still not at full capacity, I must say, but soon I will be 100%. (By the way, it was nothing that much serious, thank God!)
So, I thank everybody who commented on my last post for Illustration Friday and apologize for not being able to return all the kindness by visiting their blogs too. Hopefully, tomorow I'll pay you a visit.
P.S.: Isn't my Betty Boop bag gorgeous? And you can also see that I am an old fashioned lady, for I am not that much into I-Pods, yet.

4 comentários:

Geninne disse...

Yes I did!
Glad to know your OK, you're lookin' VERY good for a sick person ;-)
I love the collage you made and you bag is fab.
Hope your feeling much better now, a big hug from Mexico!

* fernanda lino disse...

Puxa, ninguém merece!!!!
q chato.. mas espero que agora já esteja tudo, tudo, tudo, tudo, tudo bem com vc ;)

beijos e melhoras!

nice lopes disse...

Ainda bem que foi só um susto, Fernanda! Agora é se recuperar pra continuar presenteando seus fãs com suas ilustrações! Força na peruca e tudo de bom! Saúde!

Rrramone disse...

Glad to know you are doing ok. And glad it wasn't serious! Love those pics of you, and the Betty Boop purse. :-) Did you have any hot doctors to keep you company? To draw, of course.