Big Eyes

This one is a remake. My first draft (that you can see in a post below) was not quite right, so I decided to do it again. Next step: paint it in a big canvas.


Bag of bones

Another one inspired by Missshapes. Have a nice week!



MissShapes, another inspiraton. And this time, only women allowed.


No time to draw

Because I am too busy painting!
(If you want to see more pics, go to my Flicker page.)


Illustration Friday - Ghost

Whenever I am feeling blue, I like to have Billie Holliday's ghost haunting me.

Victor P. Young / Bing Crosby / Ned Washington

I need your love so badly
I love you oh so madly
But I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you
I thought at last I found you
But other loves surround you
And I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you
If you'd surrender
Just for a tender
Kiss or two
You might discover
That I'm the lover
Meant for you
And I'd be true
But what's the good of scheming
I'm dreaming
For I don't stand a ghost of a chance with you
Cuz I don't stand
A ghost of a chance
With you



Pink... because I am so blue these days.


Multi Ethnical


Illustration Friday - Smitten

This is Suflé, a sweet french bulldog that I had to give away for addoption just yesterday because my husband didn't like him and made his life here at home quite unpleasant.
At first, I was smitten by his sweeteness... and now I am smitten by his absence.


Black and White

4 x 4


Illustration Friday - Trouble

This guy is just about to get himself in trouble.


Busy week / Semana agitada

It has been a busy week, so I apologise for not being here everyday, as usual.
These four men are really something, aren't they?

Tem sido uma semana ocupada então eu peço desculpas por não estar aqui todos os dias, como de costume.
Esses quatro caras são demais, né?


The Cobrasnake

"The Cobrasnake" é um jovem fotógrafo (tipo uns 21 anos) que adora uma balada e compartilha as fotos dessas noitadas neste site. Vale a pena dar uma olhada! É uma grande fonte de inspiração para os que gostam de ver fotos de gente bonita e estilosa.

"The Cobrasnake" is a young photographer (21 or so) who loves to party and share the photos of his wild nights on this website. You should check it out! It is a great inspiration for those who love to see photos of beautiful and stylish people.