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Kira disse...

Like your work a lot! I came across your blog from facehunter's ditto, and when I first saw your drawings there I thought it was another illustrator whom I also really enjoy - the Swedish Liselotte Watkins. I don't know whether you've heard of her or not, but I thought it was so interesting how similar your styles are! Check for example http://www.art-dept.com/illustration/watkins/

sam disse...

teu traço é sensacional, consegue captar a expressão desses "estranhos" de forma maravilhosa!
fiquei fã. :)

NATCAT disse...

I love your draws and everything you've done... Im just wondering if it's ok to make a post on my blogg about your art??

Lady Guedes disse...

Hi, Kira!
Thank you for the comment and please, feel free to stop by my blog anytime you want.
I looked through her portfolio at art-dept and was surprised with her work. It's fantastic and -yes- very similar to mine. (I should have been modest here, but couldn't find a way...)
Since I've never been to Sweden and she probably doesn't know where Brazil is, it's quite impossible for us to be twins, separated at birth. ;-)
Another possibility (if you believe in reencarnation) is that we were together in a past life, and the similarities in our work are proof of it... but then I would have to believe that I was Cleopatra and I know for sure that many people claim that too. :-(
So I'll assume that we both may had similar backgrounds and same artists as influence and inspiration. I think that it is very clear in the way we draw people, how we value the line work and all the little details, like hair, eyes and the use of prints. It's very Art Nouveau, very Mucha, very Klimt.
I can only thank God that she lives so far away, for it would be hard for me to keep doing my job with that kind of competition around!
Best regards!

Lady Guedes disse...

Yes, Natalie! You can do it. But it's a pity that I will not be able to read it because I don't speak your language.
Thanks for stopping by.
Best regards,

mjc disse...

Belo trabalho! Os olhares que os "capturados" nos lançam estão muito interessantes. Através dos seus desenhos são eles que nos "capturam"

Mauricio disse...

Fernanda Guedes.....soh descobri ontem à noite q esse é seu nome.
Alias, soh descobri ontem à noite q vc é uma mulher....ateh então eu ficava q nem bobo "quem é esse cara?" e tal...
bom....voce desenha lindamente Fernanda.....voce é inspiração pra mim....parabens e continue assim...

Mauricio Telles

PS:tenho um flog c/ meus desenhos....pode olhar se quiser! rsrsrssr...beijuxxx