Será que eu vou gostar de lápis? / Will I ever like pencil?

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Kalus disse...

Even though I definitely prefer the way you use the markers, your works on pencil are simply gourgeous as well. I love your style.

For real, I must say that you're becoming an inluence for me. I'm still at school and have a long path to go but having such a great style as reference of illustration makes it less harder, I consider.

Even having the blog feed of every new thing you post is a priviledge, and I don't want to sound like a psycho, lol I just love your work.

The one thing I'm trying to find right now, which I admire in you, is to get my own style and no matter what medium used, keep it the same.

Some day it will come, hehe... for now, I'll just keep admiring great illustrators as you Lady Guedes.

www.fotolog.com/tinhopaints disse...

muito bons os desenhos !

adrienne trafford disse...

pencil likes you

Diego disse...

Love your illustrations!

Estan muy muy bonitas!

Lady Guedes disse...

Thnak you all for the wonderful comments. It's so good to have this kind of feedback from you, guys!