O que seria de mim sem Gustav Klimt? / What would I be without Gustav Klimt?

Com isso em mente e atiçada pelas fotos da fabulosa coleção de Alta Costura da Maison Dior, comecei uma série de pinturas inspiradas nesses dois gênios: Klimt e Galliano.

Canetas Uni-Posca e Sharpie sobre madeira.19 x 19 cm.

With that on mind and teased by pics of Dior's fabulous Haute Couture collection, I've started a series of paintings inspired by the work of this two genious: Klimt and Galliano.

Uni-Posca and sharpies pen on wood. 7,5' x 7,5'.

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Kat disse...

great idea,
i loooove klimt!

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