Lonely thoughts #2 / Pensamentos solitários #2

"I am waiting for the right one"
"Esperando o cara certo"
P.S.: Sorry for the bad quality of the image, but my new scanner sucks!

3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

I think you'd agree, we are from different worlds, but I like your style of illustration. Very straight forward and full of emotion. My art is more natural.
Thanks for your inspiration.

Zé Zangirolami disse...

Olá Fernanda.
Gostei muito de suas ilustrações, principalmente do seu sketchblog por gostar de coisas mais "sujas".


Rrramone disse...

That is a wonderful image, I can't tell that your new scanner sucks. :-) Hope the lonely thoughts don't last too long. Know what helps? Leaving voice messages on your friend's blogs! xoxo