Klimt 2

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Collin disse...

I was introduced to Klimt's work by my life drawing instructor. He said, in a thick Russian accent, that my drawings in class reminded him of that style. After that I checked Klimt out and really enjoyed his stuff. You've done a really good job of capturing the feel and the detail.

Collin disse...

And, now that I have looked back through more of your work, I must say you have an absolutely fantastic sense of line and detail. I'm in awe. I'm also linking you so that I can keep up with what you do.

Alina Chau disse...

Love all these sketches of Klim's and Frida's works. Beautiful studies!

Patrick disse...

Gostei muito do seu estilo de desenho.
Feminino e um pouco dark também.
Muito bacana sua técnica também, muito
Comecei um novo blog de trabalhos que faço também.
Se quiser dar um passada nele é:
patrickbraga.blogspot.com e o outro é

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