"If you were mine, I'd live for your love alone..."

If You Were Mine - Billie Holiday

If you were mine
I could be a ruler of kings
And if you were mine
I could do such wonderful things
I'd say to a star
Stop where you are
Light up my lover's way
And every star above you
Would obey, say
If you were mine
I would live for your love alone

To kneel at your shrine
I would give up all that I own
Yes even my heart
Even my life
I'd trade it all for you
And think I was lucky too
If you were mine

2 comentários:

Maria Tereza disse...

Estou adorando esses posts com inspirações de Billie Holiday.
td lindo!

Lady Guedes disse...

Obrigada, Maria Tereza!
Eu também estou adorando fazê-los.
Hoje tem mais um deles... já viu e ouviu?