Illustration Friday - Paradise

My (kind of) paradise is a shopping day at Chanel's boutique in Paris.
(By the way, this drawing is an oldie, done with black ink and brush.)

9 comentários:

Geninne disse...

C'est magnifique!
Hey we're right next to each other at Illo Friday :)
Love your new banner, it's so intense and cool.
Big hug!

Tina Vaziri disse...

Very pretty, looks like she had a great time!

Rrramone disse...

Look how smashing you look on the streets of Paris! :-)

Of course you look smashing anywhere.

carla disse...

Oh yes.. that would be quite wonderful!

Pati @-;-- disse...

Indeed! It must be awesome :)

I loooooooove your header Fernanda :D

claudine hellmuth disse...

great use of line! perfect!

buep disse...

Oh! My paradise is quite similar! We could go shopping together ;)
Nice one!

princesssilvi disse...

that is so MY paradise, maybe not Chanel boutique bur Paris for sure!!!
really nice!

mcscrub disse...

my wife paridise as a matter of fact i think she headed out the door twards paridise right now (quick hid the visa)