Couple #10 / Casal #10

This is the last couple. I hope you've enjoyed the series.
Este é o último casal. Espero que vocês tenham gostado da série.

5 comentários:

madame gâ disse...

encore ! encore ! encore !

of course We loved it! ( a least I did).

zebra disse...

Great series. All of your couples match. Do you ever wonder about couples that don't seem to match? Like the tall thin man with short round wife, or the beautiful refined woman with the thugish scar faced man?

Love your work.

Anônimo disse...

i get so inspired...

on the poll "why do you not comment on my blog?" I would like to answer that I did once, I asked a question but since I never got a answer I don't comment anymore. Its not that fun to comment if you don't get any answer.

LOVELY work of art anyway!!!

Fernanda Lino disse...

aaah, pena que acabou!!!
tava um mais legal que o outro!! especialmente pelo toque dos textos!


Lady Guedes disse...

I am sorry I didn't answer your question. I must have missed it... Would you like to ask again?